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Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission

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The Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission was established under s. 26(1) of the Judges Act to examine, at least every four years, the adequacy of the salaries and other amounts payable to federally-appointed judges under this Act, and inquire into the adequacy of judges’ benefits generally.

The Commission consists of three members. One member is nominated by the judiciary, and in the case of this Commission, that member is Mr. Paul M. Tellier. The second member is nominated by the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada; in this instance, that nominee is Mr. Mark L. Siegel.  Finally, these two members together selected Mr. Brian M. Levitt as the Chair of the Commission.

The Commission began its inquiry in September 2011 and will submit a report containing its recommendations to the Minister of Justice of Canada within nine months after the date of commencement, thus on June 1st, 2012.

In conducting its inquiry, the Commission examines the various submissions it receives keeping in mind the following factors:

  1. the prevailing economic conditions in Canada, including the cost of living, and the overall economic and current financial position of the federal government;
  2. the role of financial security of the judiciary in ensuring judicial independence;
  3. the need to attract outstanding candidates to the judiciary; and
  4. any other objective criteria that the Commission considers relevant.

Finally, the Minister of Justice shall respond to the Commission’s report within six months after receiving it.