Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission
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Judicial Compensation and Benefits Commission

Telephone: 613.992.4304

Fax: 613.947.4442

Email: info@quadcom.gc.ca


The Commission was established in 1999 to inquire into the adequacy of the salaries and other amounts payable to federally-appointed judges under the Judgesí Act and into the adequacy of judgesí benefits generally.† The timetable included in the Act provides that the Commission report to the Minister of Justice by May 31, 2008.

The Commission invites written submissions in either official language concerning the matters within the Commissionís mandate (judicial salaries, allowances, annuities, perquisites, etc.). Written submissions must reach the Commission by December 14, 2007 and must be provided in ten copies as well as in electronic format. Submissions received by the Commission will be posted on the Commissionís Web site at www.quadcom.gc.ca . Paper copies of written submissions received by the Commission may be obtained by contacting the Executive Director of the Commission at the address noted below. Parties wishing to make comments on the submissions must submit their comments, also in ten copies and electronically, by January 28, 2008.

In addition, any party intending to file a written submission with the Commission may also request an opportunity to make an oral presentation at a public hearing to be held early in February 2008 (date to be determined).† The Commission must be notified by January 18, 2008 of the partyís desire to appear at an oral hearing.†

Copies of the Commissionís mandate are available upon request.